Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Simple and Tiny Kitchen Design Concept

Simple and tiny kitchen design concept | Every person who has a house, especially a woman, must have longed for an ideal kitchen. But the ideal kitchen does not have large size. Despite the tiny size, with careful structuring, and maximize the benefits of every corner of the room, will create comfort. Tiny kitchen does not mean that should be made lightly. While your kitchen mini-sized, its existence remained functional. On the other side, instead making the interior of the house to be interesting. If at home there is little land for the kitchen, you can still create a beautiful kitchen though small size.

The first key, for small kitchen design solution that occupies a limited space is the continuous manufacture of the cabinet to the ceiling. The goal is to be able to accommodate a variety of cookware and other kitchen tools. For additional storage containers, cabinets and shelves made hanging on the other side of the kitchen wall, above the dining table area attached to the wall. Open shelves can be used to simplify the dinner ware, or utensils that are used frequently. So no need to bother opening the cabinet closed.

The choice of a neat and natural cabinet is the key to kitchenette convenience. Small kitchen design concept is usually more suitable to be applied in an open-concept house, which means the kitchen has become a part of the other spaces in the house. Kitchenette furniture purposely designed to follow the flow of space, order the special needs the household and maximizing the existing space. By using their own furniture designs, models and sizes can be adjusted to the needs.

Wood cabinets

For aesthetic considerations, then mindi wood species selected. This type of wood has a fiber similar to the Netherlands teak, has a large plot and obvious. Another consideration is the color of the wood, which has a bright color, considering the size of a small kitchen, so as not to give the cramped impression in the kitchen.

Maximizing corner space

For all corner of the room can be fully used, and then made a full closet. This means that will be cabinets triangular for storage. By maximizing the use of the corner space, then there is no open corner so that dust does not nest. Except under the stairs, the other is storage space under the kitchen table. Made small drawers and a lessening of the use of the warehouse.

To save space, the dining room and kitchen rolled into one. The dining table is made right into the kitchen, of course, set to the location of the table is outside the kitchen area.

Coloring and lighting

White domination is also very helpful to make this kitchen bright and spacious feel. If you notice, under kitchen cabinet set made drift. In the under given illumination. In addition to beautifying, also to keep the kitchen easier to clean. Adequate lighting to make the dirt more visible clearly.
For a neat, comfortable and beautiful kitchenette is not required space. With careful arrangement, all kitchen items can be stacked neatly and activities in the kitchen become more comfortable.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Creating a Healthy Kitchen for the Family

Creating a healthy kitchen for the family | The kitchen is one of house room which is quite important. From here, your daily foods prepared, processed, and served in your family dining room. Because kitchen becomes the center of food processing at home, then the kitchen needs to get special attention.

What should be of particular concern for your kitchen? Among other the cleanliness of air circulation and lighting in the kitchen. Everything is important to ensure that you have the healthy and clean kitchen.

The cleanliness of the kitchen

Because the kitchen is a center of food processing in your home, then it must produce a lot of waste and garbage in the kitchen. The rest of the food which is processed and garbage were placed in the kitchen. Of course, the cleanliness of the kitchen becomes important. Therefore, in order the food scraps, garbage and waste in your kitchen is not become place the spread of odor and germs, the kitchen have to keep clean.

The way to maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen is by clean up the kitchen after cooking or preparing food in the kitchen. If there is gravy that splashed or dropped, food drop and residual oil, then it should be immediately cleaned. Kitchen waste, especially wet waste should not be allowed more than one day in your kitchen. Because if it kept more than one day in the house, then it will be the breeding of mildew and bacteria in your home.

Kitchens air circulation

Besides the problem of the cleanliness of the kitchen, then the air circulation in the kitchen also needs to be maintained. It should be noted that the kitchen is not become a source of the odor. You can open a door or window, in order the air circulation in the kitchen is cleaner. However, if there are no doors or windows, you can also use the cooker hood to suck the air and smoke in the kitchen to the outdoors.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wall Tiles to Beautify your Home

Wall tiles to beautify your home | The walls are not just act as a separator between spaces. The different atmosphere can be displayed by displaying interesting style and color on the walls. The wall style and color not only can you get by installing the wallpaper on the walls, but now tile also has a variety of style or color, which is not inferior to the wallpaper. With a variety of style and color with good installation techniques, tile can provide an interesting accent to the walls of the room in your home.

The special tile for wall

Tiles are used to coat the walls is different from the tile floor. Because it is not used to support heavy objects such as floor tiles, wall tiles are thinner than the tile floor. Tiles wall which is not thick also makes it easy in order tiles can be attached to the wall easily and are not easily separated caused by too heavy. This is because the tiles are not installed under, it will be mounted on the top of which will be affected by the forces of gravity.

Generally, wall of tiles applied to the walls of the bathroom or kitchen. But now a variety of motives to make tiles look beautiful and be able to decorate the walls like wallpaper. Not only the variety of different attractive colors, wall tiles are also increasingly diverse, even, you can customize it with a wide selection of tiles themes. You can find tiles with wood pattern, plant or the others. This is what makes its presence is no longer felt monotonous and more selected in addition to the many advantages.

The advantages of wall tile

Lining the walls with the tile has many advantages, including:
  • More durable : Tiles made with ingredients that are homogeneous and by burning up more than 1200o Celsius. This process makes tile into a strong material not easily damaged. Unlike wallpaper that can be easily torn or chipped paint easily.
  • Easy to clean : Another advantage of wall tile is the tile is easy to clean. Just like when you clean the floor tiles, wall tile is easy to clean with water and floor cleaner that can stain walls disappear and re-clean.
  • The walls do not need to be mashed : Since it will be affixed to tile, the walls are already finished do not need to be mashed with a layer of leveling compound or cement. This can save the use of cement.